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2017 Ag Census Database Development (Closed)

This project involves data manipulation of the 2017 Census of Agriculture data by developing a searchable interactive database interface of individual variables across counties in the US.

Converting the 2017 Census of Agriculture (currently in text file format) into a searchable interactive database with potential web applications. Historically the USDA has provided the Census of Agriculture with a search engine that allows for the selection and exporting (into xlxs or cvs files) individual variables within the Census. With the most recent Agriculture Census has refocused resources to making a stronger web presence for individual state or county descriptive reports. The complete Census is now only available as a large txt file. This project would require the development of a database interface that allows for the selection of individual variables for all counties in the U.S. Phase II would be to make the interactive database available on-line. Phase III would be to build selected profiles for Wisconsin counties that are web based (on-line data visualization tools). Phase I is the priority for this project with Phase II and III as time permits.

Specific Information


Steven Deller and Matt Kures


Required: Data base development and management skills (SQL, PostgreSQL). Preferred: web data visualization programming (JavaScript, D3, Tableau).


Six months to one year.

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