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Interactive database development with graphics: Wisconsin housing conditions. (Closed)

This project involves generating housing profiles from the American Community Survey data for any county or municipality in the US and Wisconsin. These profiles include measures of housing conditions/stress. It is a two phase project that has an interactive excel program and transitioning the program to the web.

This project involves downloading and organizing American Community Survey data for all counties in the US and Wisconsin “places” (municipalities). The end intent is the ability to generate “housing profiles” for any county and/or “place” in Wisconsin. These profiles involve choosing the “correct” measures of housing condition and with an eye toward housing “stress”. Two phases to the project: (1) an interactive excel program that organizes the data and provides the graphical analysis and (2) moving the tool to be interactive on the web. The student will be focusing on the first part of the project and if time and skill sets permit laying the foundation for the second part. This tool will be used in Extension educational programs across Wisconsin as communities work toward addressing local and regional housing issues. Dr. Deller has two examples in hand (looking at agricultural data) that can be used as a template.

Specific Information


Dr. Steven Deller, Professor


Excel (required), GIS (preferred)


Weekly progress for 6-12 months

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