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Mount Horeb Housing Analysis (Closed)

This project involves contributing to a housing report for the Mount Horeb community by gathering US Census data among other sources in order to create a housing profile for the Mount Horeb community.

The availability, or lack of availability, of housing suitable for a range of income levels has the potential to limit economic growth in the Dane County region. The EDA University Center has been asked to help address this issue in a number of local communities. This project involves acting as a research assistant and contributor to a report on housing for the Mount Horeb community. Research assistants will gather data from the U.S. Census, the Village of Mount Horeb staff, and other public sources to create a profile of housing in the Mount Horeb community. The work will then be incorporated into a preliminary report for the use of a committee of citizens in Mount Horeb as they make a series of decisions regarding real estate development and housing stock in their Village. Although the report is designed to facilitate decision making among stakeholders, previous reports have also functioned as market analyses that are useful in negotiating with developers. Students who participate in this project will gain familiarity with using federal data and municipal data. Students will practice translating technical data for lay audiences, and gain an understanding of economic and real estate development at the local level.

Specific Information


Dr. Kristin Runge, Community Development Specialist


Excel (required); Basic statistics (required);


Weekly progress for 8-10 weeks during Fall semester. Follow up work in Spring semester available if students desire.

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