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Executive Board

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President: Harmon Bhasin

Harmon is a junior studying economics with math emphasis and computer science. After having his life changed through the club, he wanted to give back and decided to run for president. He is also part of Effective Altruism UW-Madison and Badger Powerlifting. In his free time, he works on his startup and contributes to research on and off campus. 

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Head of Competition: Zachary Heintz
Zachary Heintz is a junior majoring in economics with math emphasis with certificates in history and math. He was a presenting member of the Federal Reserve Challenge in Fall 2021 and co-led the Fiscal Challenge team in Spring 2022. Outside of the Fed Challenge, Zachary is the faculty liaison and an editor for Equilibrium, the undergraduate economics journal. In his free time he does competitive parliamentary debate with the Speech and Debate team and volunteers as a judge and mentor for his high-school debate team. After he graduates he plans to go on to graduate school to pursue a PhD in economics.

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Vice President of Training: Jack Lynch

Jack Lynch is a junior from Menomonee Falls, WI studying economics with math emphasis and a certificate in public policy. Jack believes that programming and analytical skills are a fundamental part of academic and professional success, which is why he is excited to supply the members of FRC with materials that will help them learn about data visualization and languages such as STATA and Python. In addition to his involvement in FRC, Jack is also a committed member of the Economics Student Association, a student employee with the University Recreation of Wellbeing, and a legislative/research intern for the Wisconsin Treasury.

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Vice President of Diversity & Inclusion: Tapasya Nangpal

Tapasya Nangpal is a junior studying economics and statistics with certificates in math and public policy. During her free time she enjoys cooking and painting. Tapasya’s favorite thing about the Fed Challenge is discussing the latest happenings in the world of macro with her team members. She can’t wait to meet all the new members of our club!

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Vice President of Finance: Aradhana Porwal

Aradhana Porwal is a junior from Bhopal, India majoring in computer science and economics. She is part of this organization because she is interested in macroeconomics and monetary policy research. Aradhana has interned with HDFC Bank and is a peer mentor in the UW Department of Mathematics. In her free time, she enjoys adventurous sports.

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Vice President of Recruitment and Social Chair: Amitabha Shatdal

Amitabha Shatdal is a freshman majoring in economics, computer science, and AMEP. He is currently serving as the Vice President of Recruitment and Social Chair. In his free time he enjoys playing tennis and basketball, listening to live music and debating controversial subjects.

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Vice President of Communications: Brian Keon
Brian Keon is a fourth-year student from Wauwatosa, WI studying economics with math emphasis and a certificate in data science. He has work experience as a Commodity Trading Intern with Cargill and multiple internships with Direct Supply. Brian is currently participating in the Federal Reserve Challenge as well as leading a team of Badger Volunteers, and mentoring. 

Research Assistants

Research Assistants are selected members of the organization that have demonstrated an interest in macroeconomic research and contribute to competition teams each semester. These are driven and high-achieving individuals that create the culture within FRC. Students with a variety of majors, colleges, and graduation years are represented.

Rishi Bhattacharya

Jonathan Draeger

Dan Duong

Andrew Eisenhauer

Prajjwal Gandharv

Cameron Hakami

Jaret Hartley

Zach Heintz

Andrew Hirtle

Griffin Johnson

Brian Keon

Hengrui Li

Jack Lynch

Carlos Montufar

Tapasya Nangpal

Ethan Park

Aradhana Porwal

Ishan Rungta

Nicholas Rusch

Amitabha Shatdal

Jack Spencer

Sadie Van Ert

Ethan Vandermause

Mark Wu

Yutong Yan

Ethan Yang

William Zeng

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